Birth Announcement eCards

Looking for a unique way to introduce your precious little newborn to the world? Well, our Birth Announcement eCards might be just what you need to add a rustic vibe to your little one's online debut.

These eCards are an ideal way to inform your family and friends about the arrival of your little bundle of joy. You can share them on social media, or even print them out and mail them to your loved ones if you're so inclined to. We have had parents who've used them as invitations to their baby's full-month celebrations (Man Yue), too.

We will select the best photographs to announce baby’s arrival and send you a digital file ten (10) days after our session date. These images usually showcase your baby's gorgeous little face, as well as closeups of little details like their fingers and toes.

Video Montage

If an eCard isn't enough, we also offer a Video Montage Birth Announcement for all clients who have booked a {Luxe} Collection with us.

You'll receive a one (1) minute video montage featuring ten (10) images that we pick from your session. Images will come from a single styled setup for aesthetic uniformity. We also stick with neutral colours (beige, taupe, or light grey) for birth announcements so they don't steal the limelight from your beautiful little baby.

Birth Announcement eCards are only available to clients who book a {Keepsake} or {Luxe} Collection with us. The Video Montage Birth Announcement is only available as part of our {Luxe} Collection. It will be sent to you 10 days after your session via a digital download. You will also get a printed version of the eCards in 4R together with the rest of your prints.

All the images featured in either eCards or video montages will be picked by us, and are already included as part of the total number of images for your chosen collection (22 + 3 = 25, for example). There will be a total of three (3) images for the {Keepsake} Collection and ten (10) images for the {Luxe} Collection.

Cover Page (Boy Version)

Inside Page (Boy Version)

Cover Page (Girl Version)

Inside Page (Girl Version)