We want you to enjoy your session with us, so here are some guides to make things go smoother.

Once you have booked a session with us, you will have complete access to this page.

Here you will find preparation guides for all our sessions, so you'll always know what to expect every step of the way. Having a baby is stressful enough--your belly, newborn or milestone session with us shouldn't be! These guides will help you and your family better plan and prepare for your session(s) with us, with detailed instructions on what you should expect before, during as well as after.

Have some questions about your upcoming photography session with us? While you should find answers to almost all your enquiries in these guides, rest assured that we will also send you a questionnaire which you will need to complete before your session, which is meant for us to better understand your needs. We will then schedule a brief phone call to address your questions, as well as to ensure that our expectations for a successful session are properly aligned.