This adorable baby girl definitely got her modelling poise from her mom, so we weren’t surprised that she rocked her first ever styled photoshoot.

When Bilal Jeanpierre and Nadiah M Din first came to us a couple of years ago for a newborn session, it was when they welcomed their first born Nahyan, a feisty little boy who nevertheless impressed us with his sleepiness, managing to pose in every setup we prepared for him.

Doesn’t she look lovely?

Fast forward to today and baby number two, a demure baby girl this time, proved that she was up for the high bar set by her big brother.

Besides her calm and collected demeanour, which is no mean feat for a newborn baby of just 12 days, she also had the most delightfully plump cheeks and cute little “blink-and-you’ll-miss-them” dimples, to boot.

Needless to say, we captured far too many photographs of her and had to write a blogpost just so we could showcase some of our favourite images of her.

We also included a little behind-the-scenes video of her session below. 

Written by Timothy Fernandez © Copyright 2019 Bows and Ribbons Photography

CREAM SETUP: Wrap and Bonnet by From a Belgian Girl. Wool by Cwtchi Coo. Crate & Barn Wood from Rękoczyny Katarzyny. DEEP PURPLE SETUP: Bonnet and Wrap by Mimi Props LLC. Wool from Jessica Kandi Photo Props. Flower Halo by Needle Pillow. Cradle by Rękoczyny Katarzyny. BUCKET SETUP: Bucket from Libelle Props. Flower Halo by Needle Pillow. Blanket from Uff Store. Bonnet by Whatsoever Things. PINK SETUP: Wrap from The Vintage Soul. Tieback by Gumnut and Bloom. Wool by Bobo Felt. Basket from Dutch Style. RUST SETUP: Bonnet and Blanket Layer by Tanya Tangles. Wrap from Steel Stiches Photography Props.