We would like to thank all participants, our beautiful family models, as well as organizers the Nikon School Singapore and venue hosts The White Space, for making our first workshop a memorable one.

We honestly never really considered ourselves “teachers” since we are perpetually looking at improving our own photography and are never completely satisfied with the outcomes of our sessions. Perhaps there may be some truth to the adage you are your own worst critic.

But after being invited by the Nikon School Singapore to conduct a workshop on baby photography, we started seriously considering if there would be anything of value that we could impart to enthusiasts and professionals looking to learn something new.

After some thought, we made a decision, and called our workshop: An Introduction to Lifestyle Baby Photography, hoping it wouldn’t sound too fluffy nor pretentious.

A beautiful mummy and her adorable baby.

Tender moments.

Arriving on the day of our workshop, as newly minted “instructors” no less (ahem), we started assembling a little lifestyle bedroom scene from scratch and were given less than an hour to do so before the participants would arrive.

We felt like we were auditioning for The Amazing Race, but thank goodness we had the right combination of excitement and nervousness to pull it off just in the nick of time.

Then reality started to sink in for us as natural light photographers—we would be shooting in a new space, with unfamiliar light, and, to top it off, we would be explaining what we were trying to achieve to eager-eyed photography buffs.

We took several deep breaths, and began, trusting that the Nikon bodies we had in hand would iron out some of our technical rough edges.

During the 3-hour workshop, we were graced with two utterly adorable babies, Leia, a cheerful 6-month old, and Gareth, a wide-eyed 2-month old, together with their gorgeous mummies and daddies.

With baby Gareth, 2 months old.

Daddy and me.

Daddies can be amazing models, too!

…as well as some behind-the-scenes shots of our less glamorous selves (gasp!) at work during the workshop courtesy of the talented Qi Hui from The White Space.

Safety first. Always.

Written by Timothy Fernandez and Yuyeth Fernandez © Copyright 2019 Bows and Ribbons Photography