Little Ashton was one of the most cheerful little 6-month-olds we’ve had the pleasure of photographing. We first met Ashton’s family when we documented his big brother Ethan’s milestone sitter session some 3 years ago, and are always grateful to meet growing families.

This little lad must have been in one of his best moods when he turned up for his milestone session at our studio. Almost immediately greeting us with a cheeky grin and then a wholehearted smile, we were hopeful for a successful session. Babies go through so very many changes as they grow into toddlers, and occasionally get the blues for no obvious reason, so we were glad that Ashton arrived in high spirits.

From his very first pose in a bucket, Ashton gave us so many absolutely adorable expressions to capture. Sure, since he’s just a baby, he did need a few snuggle breaks here and there, but after a hug or two from mummy and daddy, he was back at his mark, smiling and chuckling away.

In fact, we think this little boy even surprised himself with how much he enjoyed his session and started getting sleepy soon after his first setup. So, instead of wasting precious time, we captured some of those tender sleepy moments including some tender moments with mummy.

We first met Ashton’s family, when we photographed his big brother Ethan some 3 years ago. Ethan was about the same age as Ashton back then, and was a chubby and cheerful sitter, too. Today, he’s a confident and affectionate big brother, who just loves his little brother to bits. 

As newborn and baby photographers, we never fail to appreciate how fortunate we are to be able to watch families grow with us. It’s a tremendous honour, really.

Since little Ashton and his family were visiting all the way from London, they didn’t want to waste the trip to our studio and chose to have a milk bath for their adorable little nipper. Needless, to say, he was all smiles in the warm bath water, and may even have tried tasting an orange slice or two. 

Written by Timothy Fernandez © Copyright 2019 Bows and Ribbons Photography