Toddlers are a handful—yes, even when it’s your own little tot you’re photographing—but there’s usually a method to their “madness”. You just gotta find it.

That big grin, though!

Can you hear his laughter?

Call us bad parents, but having a willing and available model around to try out new props for us is something we’ve truly come to appreciate…and, sometimes take advantage of!

A new rattan rocking horse recently arrived and we thought we’d give it a spin in our studio with our mostly enthusiastic model and son. Thankfully he gravitated towards our new prop like a duck takes to water. It was honestly difficult trying to get him to come down from it!

However, like all toddlers (yes, even our own!), they reach a point where they get tired of posing for us, even if they were having so much fun just a second ago.

Can I just play here without having my photograph taken?

So we had to end our brief session with him. Thankfully we managed to get our shots before a meltdown became imminent.

Written by Timothy Fernandez and Yuyeth Fernandez © Copyright 2019 Bows and Ribbons Photography