When choosing a maternity and newborn photograher should we choose quality over quantity?

The battle between quality and quantity is an endless one, and while quantity and low prices may prevail for some products or services, quality should be the top priority when it comes to capturing meaningful occasions like the birth of a baby. 

In Singapore, sales and deals seem to dominate everywhere you look—whether you’re refreshing the deals page of your many mobile shopping apps, or roaming the floors of your favourite mall. But should you choose the cheapest option every single time, or could it be worth spending a bit more in some instances? This is a conundrum faced by many people, especially when it comes to capturing life's most meaningful moments.  

As maternity and newborn photographers, our goal is to capture the fleeting moments of your life in an artistic and meaningful way. We understand the desire to get as many photographs as possible to remember this unforgettable chapter of parenthood. However, we believe the real value lies not in the quantity of photos but in the quality—selecting and professionally editing a curated set of the most compelling images to truly showcase your parenthood journey.

Do you really need hundreds of unedited photos?

Do you see yourself printing all of these images or sharing it with your family and friends?

Having worked with over a thousand clients over the years, we’ve found that most prefer to choose a handful of their favourite shots to display in their home or share on social media. The rest remain buried and forgotten in an old hard drive while others may never even be downloaded.

While writing this blog, we are reminded of the thousands of unedited images of our own babies, some of which we don't even remember taking! But, we have selected some of our favorites, printed them on our Rustic Wooden Photoblocks no less, and displayed on the walls of our home.

When something is cheap, it’s easy to buy without considering if you’ll truly appreciate it or if you’ll even actually use it. We’ve all stocked up on deals at the dollar store only to end up with items we never use! Guilty? Yes, you're not alone.

The same applies when choosing a photographer. Do you need every single shot—the bad angles, the blurry ones when your toddler decided the photoshoot was over, the awkward expressions, the unflattering poses—when you likely won’t do anything with most of them?

With all of this in mind, we strive to provide the utmost value to our clients at a range of price points. We do this by carefully selecting the best 150 or so shots from your session and presenting them in an online gallery for you to make your own selection.

Then, depending on your collection of choice, you’ll get to pick your favourite few (ranging from 15 to 40 images) which we will post process and edit to perfection.

The end result will be a curated collection of high-quality, hand-edited photographs presented in full resolution that you will be sure to treasure for decades to come.

At the end of the day, different people value different things, and that’s perfectly okay! But we believe that when it comes to maternity and newborn photography, quality will always trump quantity. Every moment of your session will have its significance and we want you to be able to remember each one without the stress of going through thousands of images after. Our aim is to deliver a memorable experience focused on capturing the essence of these early moments and delivering the best photographs to every single one of our families.

Whether you choose to work with us or go with another photographer, think about what you hold dear to ensure you get the most value out of your investment.

“Every newborn is unique and beautiful, and your baby deserves nothing less!”

Written by Timothy Fernandez

Edited by Yuyeth Fernandez

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