After discovering the similarities we shared with local lingerie and maternity wear company Lovemére, we were delighted when they asked us to be the official photographer for their latest product launch.

As a husband and wife team, there are many things we don’t agree on, but there are also infinite others that we often find some common ground on. Perhaps that’s why we’re called Bows and Ribbons Photography—you need to do a bit of work to fashion a bow out of a piece of ribbon after all.

We were infinitely grateful to be able to photograph our unofficial Bows and Ribbons models, Winnie and Leia to showcase the new product.

Another gorgeous mummy to be, Fiona, really showed us just how glamorous being pregnant can be!

But that’s enough about us. We were recently asked to work on a photography session for yet another small local business run by a husband and wife team. Yup, we’re talking about Lovemére, whom we had collaborated with before for our exclusive Happy Mummy and Me sessions (which are still available to Lovemére (used to be called Happy Maternity ) customers, by the way

The husband and wife duo recently launched their latest product, the Avery Dove Panty, a matching undergarment for the popular nursing bralette. We styled and shot the entire photography session for the new lace panty in a way we felt best showcased the classy and understated style of the pair of intimates. The Avery Dove pair of undergarments really take intimate maternity wear to the next level.

When asked about what it was like to work together at envisioning and launching new products, we were a little surprised at the similarities shared between Lovemére and Bows and Ribbons Photography.

Aside from being a husband and wife team, with their own sets of tasks and duties for the business, we were glad to hear about all the little disagreements and squabbles that ensued when running their business. It honestly sounded a little too familiar to us!

“It can be challenging sometimes when you’re a married couple working together in all aspects of life,” shared Florence, co-founder of Lovemére, and resident marketing expert. “There are times when you don’t see eye to eye, and while you can leave it at the office for a job, when you’re business partners, you need the maturity to separate your feelings as a spouse and as a colleague.”

Keith, the other half of Lovemére and resident operations guru, agrees. “It definitely has its challenges, yes, but it’s definitely rewarding, too,” he added. “For one, your relationship has the opportunity to grow stronger every day, as long as you’re willing to set your ego aside and remember that at the end of the day you’re a team in every way, and that’s what really matters!”

The Avery Dove Panty and Nursing Bralette are now available at Lovemére website.

Written by Timothy Fernandez © Copyright 2019 Bows and Ribbons Photography